Traffic Coatings

Traffic Coating Services in Toronto - GTA

Traffic-bearing waterproofing systems provide protection of concrete substrates that lower maintenance costs, prolong the service life of substrates, and prevent scaling and spalling while providing excellent crack-bridging capabilities to prevent leaks in parking garages, balconies, stadiums, and mechanical rooms.

Systems vary among manufacturers in thickness required, type of system (solvent-based vs. 100 % solid “0” VOC low odor systems), flexibility, color, and texture.

Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

Deck coatings are used to keep moisture away from the deck in order to keep them protected. Doing so can extend the life of a deck and keep it looking great. The nicks and bumps caused by several feet walking on the deck can result in a breach in the layer protecting the waterproofing, and that can be disastrous. There is, however, a type of deck coating made to confront this problem. Pedestrian traffic coatings are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic that may be encountered on decks.