Toronto Epoxy Floors | Concrete Finishing – Waterproofing and Crack Repairs

New Point Construction Offers Residential & Commercial Services in Toronto and the GTA.  Our Prices are affordable for both Commercial and Residential Customers. You must call us if you are looking for:

✓ Crystalline & Foundation Waterproofing

✓ Concrete Repair | Restorations | Application & Finishing – Concrete Forming & Pouring

✓ Epoxy Flooring – Residential & Commercial

✓ Traffic Coatings | Vehicular, Pedestrian, Mechanical & Equipment Room

We work with some of the best and premium brands in Toronto – GTA for their Epoxy Flooring requirements. Residential and Commercial Concrete Finishing – Pouring Concrete, Basement Slabs, Concrete Repairs – Structural Repairs, Underground Garage, Crystalline Waterproofing & Crack Repairs, Balcony Repairs and Traffic Coating for Commercial Properties are some of our other services.

Special Services for Our RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS!

1. Foundation Waterproofing
2. Epoxy Flooring – We do 2 Car Garage as well
3. Cement Parging
4. Basement Waterproofing

For Large Size Businesses – We do EPOXY Flooring for:

1. Meat Plants
2. Dairy Plants
3. Food Plants
4. Pharma Companies
5. Restaurants, Lobbies, Warehouses


– Concrete Parging / Brush coating
– Concrete Porch Resurfacing
– Small Concrete Repairs & More..

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