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Canada is a very unpredictable place to be. One moment its sunshine and the other moment the heavens decide to pour till night time. With such an unpredictable weather chart, it is very important that the home owners and the construction companies take good care of their houses. Be it their outside decks, be it their slabs, it is imperative that traffic coating services be required to protect them from the weather changes.

Affordable Traffic Coating Services in Toronto – GTA

Water inside the concrete slabs can be really harmful for them and can result in the destruction of the slabs. To prevent the concrete from water damage, salts, chemicals, gasoline, oils and even antifreeze, commercial traffic coating services come into use. They are designed to waterproof the concrete slabs in a way that it is saved from the hardships of the weather. It also protects the occupied areas underneath the slab from water damage.

Why Traffic Coating? – Commercial Vehicular Traffic Coating in Toronto, Ontario

The other uses of traffic coating involve providing durable waterproof coatings for a variety of other applications like athletic surface coating, roof terrace, under tile spaces etc. It can also be used in the mechanical rooms or the tool rooms etc to ensure that the surface is completely waterproof and doesn’t get damaged in the long run.

Heavy traffic entrances need a flooring system which can stand heavy foot traffic.

To ensure that the floor does not give away and the floor has a proper superior, durable and waterproof coating, the commercial traffic system comes into use. It gives the floor the essential setting to stand up against the heavy foot traffic that is expected.

At New Point Construction, we offer high quality traffic coating services for both residential and commercial clients. We use eco-friendly products for epoxy flooring and coating application. For vehicular traffic coating for your underground garage or parking lots, please contact us to get your instant no obligation quotation.