Penthouse Mechanical Room Waterproofing


New Point Construction recently completed a major project at a Toronto condominium newly built less than five years ago. This problem here is also becoming a common theme; water leakage from top floor mechanical room into the very expensive penthouse suites.  The job was well completed ahead of schedule and most importantly the problem was solve indefinitely. The owners of the building, board members and  Property Managers at Dell Property Management have approved the completed work successfully. This has been another WIN WIN situation for us and for the Property Management team at Dell where the scope of work, timeline and quality of material used to complete the waterproofing (traffic coating & epoxy flooring) was successfully finished and cost effective.

New Point Construction takes great pride in the quality of work and craftsmanship that our in-house staff shows on the job site, whether it is the clarity of communication with our clients or estimation, engineering, drawings, contracts, budgeting and going out of our way to make sure that the work is being completed on time. If you are a property manager, a property management firm or simply involved in construction restoration or new construction in the Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton & surrounding areas whereby looking for an expert opinion on; Concrete Repair & Finishing, Waterproofing, Epoxy Flooring, Traffic Coating, Crystallization Waterproofing etc. Please feel free to contact us today! CLICK HERE.

Following is an overview of our work: