Milton, Ontario Balcony rehabilitation with vulkem polyurethane waterproofing system

At New Point Construction we offer affordable balcony repair, waterproofing & concrete work for low rise and high rise buildings, apartments. We use a series of cold, hot and sheet waterproofing membranes for vertical, horizontal and lagging applications. Especially Vulkem Waterproofing system that is a composite waterproofing system comprised of tough curing liquid polyurethane....


Brantford, Ontario Balcony rehabilitation with Vulkem polyurethane waterproofing system

New Point Construction is an expert at waterproofing of flat roofs and balconies, that is done during the construction of a building or afterwards. When working on a waterproofing site, we ensure full water tightness that can display special resistance to weathering, reliability and durability, elasticity and good adhesion to the substrate. These requirements...