Our Services


Our services includes:

Concrete Repair

Crystalline Waterproofing

Epoxy Flooring

Traffic Coatings

As part of our process, we take a proactive approach of getting out and meeting with our clients on a regular basis in an effort to understand what they are currently focused on and how we might be able to best support them. We also provide our clients with valuable insights and industry information to give them a strong competitive advantage.

No job is too small or too big for us to offer our professional services. We have the experience and expertise to deliver the best with a wide variety of Residential & Commercial projects.

Cost Planning & Budgeting

New Point Construction provides both cost planning and budgeting services to all our business clients. Our cost planning applies current market rates at the early stages of the development cycle providing enhanced confidence in key financial outcomes such as project feasibility analysis and funding approvals.

We work one on one with our clients to ensure that each project is done within the give budget and timeline.

Our estimators not only prepare competitive and well considered pricing for our clients but are actively involved in any potential value management processes.