Centennial College Toronto – Epoxy Flooring & Traffic Coating by New Point Construction

New Point Construction had the great opportunity to work with one of the most prestigious college in Toronto – Centennial College located at 941 Progress Ave, Toronto, ON M1K 5E9. We did a combination of epoxy flooring and traffic coating through out this project using our top of the line flooring systems.

The first step was to inspect the property and prepare the floor and that is one of the biggest mistake for failing if not done properly. Many times a good epoxy product is put to blame when actually it was the fault of applying it to a poorly prepared surface. We made quick notes on any cracks, pitted areas, spalling etc. that needs to be repaired. We also conducted moisture test and cleaned the surface thoroughly for best results. Once the surface was prepared, our staff began the process of applying epoxy and traffic coatings.

Below you can see pictures of our work. If you are interested to learn more, please feel free to get in touch with us today !!!

Laundry Room

Broadcast Floor

Primer Floor

Membrane Floor

Finished Floor