Brantford, Ontario Balcony rehabilitation with Vulkem polyurethane waterproofing system

New Point Construction is an expert at waterproofing of flat roofs and balconies, that is done during the construction of a building or afterwards. When working on a waterproofing site, we ensure full water tightness that can display special resistance to weathering, reliability and durability, elasticity and good adhesion to the substrate.

These requirements are fully covered when you hire New Point Construction. We use the one-component that is best suited for waterproofing – polyurethane liquid membrane. It shows excellent adhesion to the substrate, high flexibility, high resistance to weathering, as well as UV resistance.

  • It shows high resistance to standing water, thus it can be used on flat roofs without particularly good slopes. It provides a simple, secure and easy solution to difficult sealing points (e.g. corners, edges, joints with roof outlets, etc.).
  • It creates a continuous, elastic membrane with excellent mechanical strength, without joints or seams, and is used for both total sealing of flat roof surfaces and for local waterproofing of cracks.
  • It may be applied to all common flat roof substrates, such as concrete, cement mortar, terrazzo, etc.

Our recently Completed Project at:

Park View Retirement Home
254 Dalhousie St.
Brantford, ON N3S 3V2

Following is the services rendered:

  • Resurface balcony floors terrible shape, apply urethane flex caulking
  • Mechanical preparation by grinding
  • Fibre reinforcement cementatious repair cement
  • “Tremo” polyurethane waterproofing system (primer, deck and top broadcast silica sand)
  • Deomlished and rebuilt one balcony

Project Photos